AUSSIE TVC - As part of  the 360 campaign 'DO IT WITH GREAT HAIR'.
Well known in the UK for their print, this is Aussie’s very first step into the world of moving image, so it wasn’t easy getting there. This 30" TV and cinema spot for Greater Europe, was subjected to P&G’s rigorous testing, but came out best in class!
HEAD&SHOULDERS TVC  - As part of the 360 campaign  'SHOULDERS OF GREATNESS .
HEAD&SHOULDERS TVC & Online - As part of the 360 campaign  'BELIEVE IT OR NOT,  IT'S H&S' .
People would never believe that Claudia uses Head&Shoulders if it feels like the brand is just telling them she does, so we took a different direction and, taking inspiration from self-deprecating celebrities and reddit AMAs, we created a light-hearted campaign that answers real people’s question about Claudia, her life, but most importantly her hair.
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